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During this COVID-19 crisis, Dr. Arena has made himself directly accessible 24 hours 7 days a week for your telemedicine needs: No transportation time or costs – When you see your doctor on your mobile device or computer, you can save money on gas, parking, and public transportation.

No need to take time off of work – You can schedule your appointment during a break, or before or after work. You can do the visit from anywhere that you feel offers you enough privacy. There’s no need to waste your precious paid time off.

Eliminate child or elder care issues – If you have the responsibility for caring for children or older adults, finding someone to fill in can be a challenge, as can bringing them along. Telemedicine lets you see your doctor while managing your family responsibilities.

Less exposure to illness – While we take great care to keep patients from passing illness to each other, the fact is that doctor’s offices are full of sick people. With a video visit, there’s no chance that you’ll catch something from another patient. Improved health outcomes – When you are able to see us as often as you need to, you put yourself on the path to better health.

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